10 Tips For a Digital Marketing Strategy That Will Work Best In 2017

The e-book Youmna Ovazza, “How to build a digital strategy” offers a global vision of digital as well as a method of analysis and development of a digital marketing strategy. It is the result of his personal experience, his practice as well as an active watch. His approach contributes to “How to” and “How to arbitrate between the different current trends”. It is intended mainly for business leaders and entrepreneurs, as well to community managers or webmarketers.

Here are 10 tips taken from his e-book.

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10 Tips For a Digital Marketing Strategy That Will Work Best In 2017

1- Consider digital as a space

It is proposed to consider the digital not as a medium or a channel, but as a space that would regroup several places (sites, blogs, social networks …) and linked by roads (RSS, affiliation, links …). The brand can thus invest the premises of this virtual space with a global e-marketing strategy.

2- Four key questions for its digital strategy

We can transpose to this virtual space what we know how to do in a physical space, in four structuring questions:

  • What do I want to do on the Internet? Of the notoriety, the image, the prospecting, the sale …?
  • Are my clients and prospects there?
  • And in which places? What are their uses on the Internet?
  • What are their motivations?
  • How is the Internet in their shopping and consumption path?
  • What are their decision criteria?

3- Using the mobile as a bridge between the virtual and the real

Image result for mobile marketingIf digital is a space, the mobile is seen as a bridge between the online Internet space and the offline physical space. Because the mobile accompanying individuals everywhere and permanently, facilitates access to the Internet at any time and in any place. This is especially true with smartphones and can have rethink its mobile marketing strategy.

4- Develop a global architecture project

In this digital space, it is proposed to build a global project around the different places to invest, and in particular:

  • The website, which has a function of “seat” brand or shop.
  • It carries a rather durable image.
  • The ephemeral site, corresponding to a communication campaign, of the type event.
  • The mobile site, rather for short access to products or services.
  • The blog, to reflect opinions, views, expertise. The microblogging, devoted to the news feed.

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5- Understanding the use of digital

Digital makes it possible to develop influence marketing, notably via Social Media, but not only. This is why understanding the uses of the Internet makes it possible to have a global vision.

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6- Understanding the reasons for using the Internet

There are four reasons for this:

  • Search for information: via Google, Wikipedia, forums, blogs …
  • Relational: on MSN, Facebook, Linkedin …
  • Consumption: from buying through e-commerce to watching free videos on YouTube or reading blogs.
  • Production or participation: active bloggers, players or consumers.

7- Know the places and paths frequented

The goal is to “map beautiful roads”, easy to find and use, with good signs to bring the surfer to the places invested by the brand.

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8- Responding to the decision-making criteria of Internet users

With experience, Internet users appreciate by themselves the quality of the emitting source, in particular by criteria such as transparency, expertise, credibility. To build a credible strategy of influence, the content delivered is very important, as much in the background (precision, expertise …) as in the form (design, look & feel, ease of navigation.

9- Arbitrate and Prioritize Priorities

Quantitative criteria (impact of the Internet on the activity) or qualitative (affinity with the Internet) make it possible to appreciate the interest of a digital strategy, its implementation or its development. But another important point to take into account is the impact of the Internet on the business model of the company.

The classic questions in marketing strategy must be asked: what are the stakes of the company, what are its levers of growth, how can the Web and the mobile can contribute to the business of the company?

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10- A digital strategy around the client’s journey

The digital strategy must think globally according to the brand strategy and not a succession of operational actions on a particular media. It must be “client centered” and, to do so, focus on the client’s journey, in order to match the actions of the brand to the phases by which the consumer passes before and after the purchase.

Finally, let us not forget the indicators to be put in place nor the budget to put in perspective the potential of business, image and notoriety.

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