Coca-Cola vs Chai

Coca Cola’s Ice-cold Coca-Cola TVC


“Zalima Coca Cola pilade” is the remake of old song from the 90’s done by Coca Cola by having a duet of Umair Jaswal with Meesha Shafi at Coke studio, whereas the only vocals of Umair jaswal are used in this Ad.

Target Audience:

There is a big debate out there what Coca Cola is trying to achieve and what’s the target audience, while the assumptions are clear that Coca Cola isn’t targeting Youth any more in this specific Ad yet they are targeting the tea takers.


There isn’t the clutter as the vital competitor for Coca Cola is Pepsi but in this Ad coca cola is diversifying and targeting all the tea brands, so there isn’t any clutter to talk or break.


It’s a brand pitching Ad with diverse message yet same goal, not a sales ad.


It is much of the awareness ads that coca cola is bringing out by word “Zalima” the word has been awesomely integrated with the brand is being acknowledged by every consumer and new prospect out there. They know the competitors so they are playing diverse mind game by targeting tea takers and creating new prospect by making them aware, so that they can have Coca Cola instead of tea in this Hot weather..


The official vital competitors of tea is Coffee, bringing out the Iced Cola isn’t influencing but the ad is full of potential and influences personals to have coca cola instead of tea as well their slogans and Ad are completely influencing the consumers.

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They are trying to create an extraordinary comparatively diverse positioning by competing with tea makers, as well pointing towards tea they are making sure that coca cola is real relaxing mode in this Hot summer.


Coca-Cola is an international brand that comes to fighting “Tea makers” everyone is confused and Coca-Cola seems to be quite confident at what they are doing!

Seemly their Ads are containing word “Zalima” which was recently introduced by Coca-Cola as the remake from 90’s, the song “Zalima Coca-Cola Pilade”, the word Zalima is being intimated everywhere these either sarcastically or genuinely but all credit goes to Coca-Cola as they integerated the word perfectly and where ever the word is used, it reminds Coca-Cola.

Coca-Cola vs Chai

Coca-Cola vs Tea makers, the Ad starts with tune of music “Zalima Coca-Cola Pilade” no vocals just simple music. As soon as the music starts, we see two upcoming couples, I mean “Husband and wife from their offices.

Coca-Cola vs Chai

The Heat is up and everyone is having a headache as well the beam has burned all your day in minutes, you do want to have something that can relax you and free you from headaches.

Of course they are going for the tea as the traditions goes to kill headaches and tiring day.

Coca-Cola vs Chai

Lets make some tea and fresh up the mind, but wait it is still too hot here;

And you know it it’s tough to make tea now but you have to make it,

Coca-Cola vs Chai

But do you think the solid head and its blessing headache will run way with a cup of tea?

Wait, I can’t see her being like this, Got something better;

Coca-Cola vs Chai

Goes and opens fridge and here you get the solution:

Coca-Cola it is!

Coca-Cola vs Chai

The guy knows that it’s already burning and it will burn more while making or having tea at this moment, so he pulls out Coca-Cola..

A little drama and romance is fit to go with this Ad, bringing out a twist and giving her an Icy Cola.

Showing some of his extraordinary and out of box skills and impressing her to have some of it,

Coca-Cola vs Chai

Here you go a well shacked and icy Cola;

“Wait, after shaking that much the Cola didn’t explode! Amazing it is to see.”

Coca-Cola vs Chai

She is impressed:

Coca-Cola vs Chai

And she takes her chance, grabs the Cola, drinks it feels refreshing instantly.

And the Husband got one for him too, that’s awesome how they were burned with heat and chilled themselves with the “Icy Coca Cola”, here the music starts with vocals of Umair Jazwal “Zalima Coca-Cola Pilaaadeee”.

Coca-Cola vs Chai Coca-Cola vs Chai

And as the end is here you can see that whole tea concept is gone for good and people are more attentive to the couple as I have most people saying that Couple looked cute and personally whole act was scripted very well, Job Well Done!

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