What is inbound marketing vs outbound marketing

Inbound marketing vs outbound marketing

Inbound marketing vs outbound marketing, the hot topic on internet; marketing are fighting over their perception of measuring which is the best. In marketing and web marketing, faced with changing consumer behavior, inbound marketing is more effective than outbound marketing, especially in online marketing. In fact, outbound marketing supports inbound marketing, the latter being the very first step to putting in place to succeed your web marketing strategy, or even global marketing to improve your results.

Before going further, for the uninitiated, a definition is needed to understand the meaning of these two forms of marketing.

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Definition of outbound marketing, the art of chasing the customer

Outbound marketing translates to “external marketing” or “outbound marketing”, this is the traditional form of marketing. It uses the mass media to send its messages to the public.

Examples of outgoing marketing: exhibitions, television commercials, radio spots, print advertisements (newspaper advertisements, magazines, pamphlets, brochures, catalogs, etc.), cold calls, and e-mails; Interrupts the prospect.


Definition of inbound marketing, the art of attracting the customer

The inbound marketing translates to “inbound marketing” or “attraction marketing.” This is the new form of marketing that Steve JOBS has integrated into Apple, for example, the one that consisted then for him to build an irresistible product that solves a problem or a real need while creating a force of attraction towards a company Or a brand that become so … “to follow”. Its slogan was “only found on Apple”, only available on Apple.

Inbound marketing is the art of knowing how to transform its sales process by constructing offerings of unique products or services that respond to real problems identified in your buyer persona. To know how to create content that demonstrates that your offer is the one that best solves the customer’s need and reward your customers to build a community of fans who become ambassadors of the brand.

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Marketing Changes: Outbound Marketing vs. Inbound Marketing? The game.

Outbound marketer: “It was a great marketing plan, it pleased all the management”.

Inbound Marketer: “Yeah great, but we’ve created a marketing plan that attracts buyers”

Outbound marketing is, therefore, the opposite of inbound marketing. Where buyers find you mainly on the search engines through your efforts in natural SEO and SEO paid. Outbound marketing is more difficult to track down and less profitable than inbound marketing and yet, paradoxically, the majority of companies are still spending up to 90% of their budgets on outbound marketing.

This is mainly due to 2 things. First, the marketing habits learned and applied over the years are difficult to change, and secondly, when you see yourself on TV or on traditional ads in the press and billboards, you are flattered, We have spent our money for nothing. We have the impression that the whole world sees us. In reality, we are no longer watching commercials and it takes huge budgets to get through all this media noise.

Businesses looking to improve their sales and ROI in marketing would be well advised to reallocate a growing share of their marketing budget to inbound marketing. However, incoming marketing has long been difficult to understand and took a long time to implement. But today. Thanks to agencies specializing in inbound marketing like Duo Diff, it has become easier than ever before to outsource this expertise to track, optimize and succeed in selling more with inbound marketing.

What is the problem with outbound marketing?

The marketing outbound absorbs the majority of marketing budgets for many companies. It has been there for decades and many companies consider it a necessary cost to do business. Traditional outgoing marketing, however, presents many difficulties. Tradition and the mistakes of the past should not prevent the adaptation to the evolution of new inbound trends of marketing.

Problems with outbound marketing include:

  • The difficulty of measuring its return on investment.
  • The increase in blocking techniques
  • High cost and low output

A report from CRM Daily reveals that half of the companies that implement an inbound marketing strategy see their return on investment increase by 25% compared to those who do nothing. More impressive, the study reveals that the media exploited by inbound marketing have a conversion rate 30 times higher than direct mailing campaigns. Inbound marketing is easier to track, has a much higher return on investment, and lower overall costs than outbound marketing. So it’s time to switch some of your budgets into traditional marketing to inbound marketing.

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The advantage of inbound marketing associated with search marketing

You will have no doubt understood, the best way to capitalize on inbound marketing is to use search marketing tactics ( SEO natural SEO ), to position your offerings when potential buyers conduct online searches. This gives you the opportunity to enter into their purchase process with the unique selling proposition that you have been careful to prepare in advance.

The idea is to create pages and articles that demonstrate your know-how by appearing before the eyes of your potential buyers when they search online through sponsored links like Adwords or Natural Organic SEO. This allows you to be found more easily and at the time when potential buyers are interested. Someone who searches online for products and services like yours is a hot prospect. If you are not there to have a chance to captivate him, a competitor will be.

Think about it. When making purchasing decisions, where do you go for information? In the yellow pages, ads on free newspapers or in an exhibition hall or on a search engine?
Probably the last option, like your customers.

To start web marketing with an inbound marketing strategy, you have to prepare a captivating strategy upstream with a unique sales proposition, create content and landing pages, optimize this content with natural referencing and possibly start an ad campaign Adwords at first. The more you create content on your site, the more you will win in the presence in the search engines, and the easier it will be for your potential buyers to find you.

Once you have launched your inbound marketing strategy and have developed a fan community, then you can invest wisely in outbound marketing campaigns to speed up the process of launching a new product for example.

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