Peek Freans Peanut Pik and Pista TVC

Peek Freans Peanut Pik and Pista TVC – TVC Analysis

Peek Freans Peanut Pik and Pista TVC


The Music integrated into Freans Peanut Pik and Pista TVC is an emotional touching music with lyrics representing Words targeting “Lamha Lamha” & “Paalo Lamhon se kuch zyada”. Music is based on noticing the smallest and the biggest part of your life, understanding the situation and still getting smiley due to Freans Peanut Pik.

Peek Freans Peanut Pik and Pista TVC

Target Audience:

TVC shows children starting from 16 years and a lady celebrating the age of 75 years. As the TVC gets more emotional by showing different aspects of our life and ages sharing love and care for each other, enjoying moments of life and creating laughs of joys. Having no age restrictions peak freans peanut pik and pista is everywhere in every age.


The Clutter break message in this TVC was that Freans peanut pik and pista relates its product and ad together by adding sentence “Paalo lamhon se Kuch Zyada” in the whole TVC and in end of the TVC having message “Peanut pik and pista has peanuts in its product which makes it different and unique and more than expected in the industry”.


It isn’t sales TVC.


This TVC is an awareness and information based TVC, Peanut Pik and Pista TVC shows its uniqueness by completely relating its Ad with a product, the differentiation in this ad was the exclusive addition in the biscuits that others don’t provide with respect to TVC relating there Ad by showing the addition of anything in a moment.


The TVC is a piece of good work, showing good execution from beginning to end. reflecting proper message from the start to its end, giving brand value and its clutter break uniqueness as well in one single Ad. It is an influential and emotional ad that touches a heart.


As so far discussed, the ad is emotional, filled with emotions & feelings of joys and happiness coming from smaller to major parts of our lives. Picking up this TVC is like having peanut pik and pista every time there is the flow of happiness or visiting or giving surprise to anyone, the biscuit is just perfect to be offered to anyone. While showing the importance of the message, it makes sense that how every single thing is part of our life and part of happiness, everyone loves the additional value.

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This is an One Minute Ad by Freans Peanut Pik and Pista. The TVC of Freans peanut pik and pista starts up with the celebrations of 75th Birthday of an old lady probably someone’s grandmother, everyone shows love and joins the laughter and enjoyment.

Peek Freans Peanut Pik and Pista TVC

The starting of the ad is with the birthday party and music start with lyrics “Lamha Lamha” providing the sense of celebration and moments you endure. As the TVC continues the music gets better and more touchy as it shows a father and mother holding their newborn child in hands, father enduring the moment kissing the forehead of the child.

Peek Freans Peanut Pik and Pista TVC

Pleasures of life aren’t easy to achieve but pleasures of holding precious lives in your hands are just amazing.

The TVC continues to show youth and the advancements of friendship when the friend comes over home but the father is there to be the conflict or barrier of the moment.

While on the other hand father tries to make her daughter laugh by sharing biscuits and funny gesturesPeek Freans Peanut Pik and Pista TVC

Couples being on the picnic enjoying perks of love and gathering, having the endorsement of Feans peanut pik and pista at the enjoyable moment.

The rest of the remaining 10 seconds of the TVC includes the portion where freans peanut pik and pista show their integrated peanuts in a biscuit and executing their message and uniqueness. The TVC end holds the touchy parts of all the scenes in TVC. Brand name and brand closure is given in the end for a better awareness of Advert.

Peek Freans Peanut Pik and Pista TVC

Characters in Ads:

Danish Taimoor and Ayza khan are the most highlighted characters in this Advertisements who have been endorsed more over every age group and personality is induced and making the product useful to any age and any moment.

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